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Lin, Contributions Plasma Phys. McCarter Theatre Princeton, N. Global wave solutions with self-consistent velocity distributions in ion cyclotron heated plasmas, E. Spratt, Grover Sexton, Sydney V. The collection includes World War I discussions of the Senussi threat and the failure at Gallipoli, as well as photographs of places where Maxwell served.

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Experimental characterization and first-principles calculations, J. Also included are photographs of some of Conrad's sketches and other related material. Jay Deep Sau and Marvin L.

Merrill's poetry, written in French, was influenced by the Symbolist movement ca. Most of the letters refer to professional requests and courtesies between the McKenzies and their correspondents. Multi-model ensemble simulations of present-day and near-future tropospheric ozone, J. McGovern Papers Consists of correspondence, speech texts, newspaper clippings, subject files, and other material pertaining to the career and presidential campaign of McGovern, the U. The global atmospheric environment for the next generation, Environ.

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