It is distinguished by placement

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Pulli concept is one of the distinguishing feature among the Tamil characters. No cleanup reason has been specified. Dubyanskiy also said that the authority of the text was undeniable.

Since Agathiam, the grammar compiled by Agastya, went missing after a great deluge, Tholkappiyar was asked to compile Tamil grammar. This section talks about the word modifiers that are added at the end of nouns and pronouns when they are used as an object as opposed to when they are used as subjects. The rules are well-defined and unambiguous. The books are called athikaarams.

Since Agathiam the grammar

This is also one of the characteristics of Tamil brahmi according to Mr. Naccinarkiniyar, himself being a scholar of both Tamil and Sanskrit quotes from Parimelalakar's works.

The borrowed words need to strictly conform to the Tamil phonetic system and be written in the Tamil script. According to tolkappiam which talks about pulli and its position, that is on top of the alphabet instead of side as in Brahmi.

It is distinguished by placement. The visual representation of the letters is also explained.

This section talks about the changes to words due to the following word i. There are certain rules to be adhered to in borrowing words from Sanskrit. Although it is not unique and brahmi also has pulli.

This section talks about the word