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You give excuses or try to explain to friends what you two are doing. The problem with being put on the backburner is that it can stall your emotional development and life plans for many years. Surround yourself with people who care and want to be around you too. The timing always seems to be wrong. Yes, this is a bit manipulative, but it is a good test of whether or not he has any urge to be with you at all.

When all else fails they ask you to go. You have a mutual attraction for each other but everything has been based on coulda, woulda, shouldas with you two. Pay him a visit while all dressed up like this and do not stay. Show him that you have standards and make it clear that you will not be settling for less from someone you are just dating anymore.

Your communication is sporadic. And it came at a time when scholars were already taking note of new ways people were navigating romantic and sexual relationships. Contrast this to older forms of communication, like the family landline telephone. Of course, this is only one study, so more research is needed to determine how reliable this finding is. Make sure he knows how bored you are with his excuses.

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Being on the backburner means that a man considers your relationship to be an option for him and not a priority. He wants you there just waiting. This will not only make you feel better about yourself and raise your self-esteem, it will also make him look twice the next time he sees you.

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He will choose you and you will be his priority. He constantly hints at possibilities of being together.

As a graduate student, he was single and happy to mingle. This might have him wondering where you have been and who you have been with and if you are going to move forward without him. Confusion is one of the biggest red flags out there. Here are some things that you can do that may change his mind and cause him to take you off the back burner and make you his number one girl.

We know that the practice of keeping an eye on alternatives is common and probably a part of human evolution. You check their Facebook profile and see their newly minted single status.

You may be hoping to be moved to the front burner only to get your hopes up and then disappointed over and over. Get a haircut, manicure, pedicure, skin treatment and address any outstanding physical issues like weight gain or cosmetic dental problems as fast as you can.

Choose to be in a relationship with someone who also chooses you. Maybe texting with back burners over a mobile phone creates a layer of distance that allows the admirer to still maintain a strong, devoted relationship with his or her partner. So maybe this ups the ante. Researchers have long known that people commonly keep tabs on the availability and suitability of other potential partners.

Still, it would be interesting to know the point at which those with back burners decide to turn up the heat, how they use digital devices to do it, and what it means for our current relationships. If he shows up at your door wearing sloppy clothes, send him home to change. If only you two lived in the same city. Facebook friends lists can be hidden, phone contacts can be given different names, and direct messages can be deleted. On the flip-side, you know much more about her than you ever wanted to know.