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Back dating stock options ethics in accounting

So much interest and concern over stock option backdating and repricing, evinced by so many individuals and organizations, bodes poorly for the legitimacy of the potential motives for such actions. In other words, it is possible for executives to engineer opportunities for their stock options to rise in value.

Had the companies in question appropriately acknowledged the grants of in-the-money options and recorded the noncash expense, there would be no scandal. It allegedly failed to inform investors, or account for the options expense s properly. The other major way that backdating can be misleading to investors relates to the method by which the company accounts for the options. The accounting rules were too complex to be understood by Reyes and many others.

All material weaknesses in internal controls have been disclosed to the audit committee and the independent auditors. Balancing Ethics and Incentives Companies that have been found to backdate options must restate the financial statements.

The bull market of the s brought substantial value to stock options, but when the market began a downturn, investor value dropped substantially. In theory, economic and industry factors should affect similar companies in similar fashion. This included options backdating presented in offer letters to new hires. This all but eliminated the opportunity for senior management to engage any meaningful options backdating.

Because stock options could be cashed in and the shares subsequently sold, there always existed a motivation for executives with options to quickly boost the stock price, through fair means or foul. They have reviewed the report. To be valid, the delegation of option-granting authority to managers requires specific mention in the option plan approved by the shareholders. Failure to do so results in an understatement of compensation expenses and an overstatement of net income.

The outrage over backdating will likely influence future regulatory policies as well. Such perspectives can serve as the basis for asking important questions when compensation packages are being awarded.

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District Court for the Northern District of California. It is ironic that all this havoc was created trying to conceal what can be a perfectly legal method of compensation. Options backdating and repricing can also be viewed from a utilitarian perspective. In such a case, tax deductions would be denied. Heinen for their alleged roles in backdating Apple options.

Such circumstantial evidence suggested that companies withhold good news or publish bad news prior to long-term employee stock option awards to reduce stock prices. Options backdating and repricing either ignore or do not consider that right of those investors and creditors, and, as such, these techniques would be seen as unethical.