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Attendance allowance backdating

The form is addressed to the person who will receive the allowance. However, low income households can apply from exemption from the increases.

He can forget to eat and take his medication. You or your relative might get a letter saying they need to attend an assessment to check their eligibility. There are two questions rather like that. Getting Attendance Allowance can also help you to get other benefits.

Consider if they have difficulty

Other things to think about The benefit is usually paid in addition to any other social security benefits you may have. Finally, at the end of the form you are asked to provide supporting documents, such as prescription list, medical reports, certificate of vision impairment, passport, care plan. Write to your council stating why you think the bill is wrong. Think about how the person was before and what has changed. If they agree your band is wrong, they will correct it.

The person I care for has gone into hospital. Consider if they have difficulty with things even if they can manage them.

Claiming in this way is known as claiming under the special rules. Councils are able to take legal action to recover debts but most will try to find other solutions first. And that, I believe, is that.

The person I care for has

The council has two months to reply. Andrew lives alone and has dementia.