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In the same year, Yoon became a target of anti-fans. Shin Min Chul Profile musik.

In the same year Yoon

Model Artis Korea tukarcerita. She played a tomboy who was mistaken for a boy by her employer. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctors confirmed that her cornea was damaged.

She further condemned Yoon Choon Ho for trying to cash in on her fame. Kim Hee-sun keeps the Faith Nembak. Pemain Drama City Hunter Korea artiskorea. Yoon Choon Ho additionally revealed that he had heard Yoon and her stylist had picked up a sponsorship outfit just days ago. Biodata HeeChul Super Junior.

After her withdrawal, Yoon took a two-day vacation to Gangwon-do in March. Initially, fans of the Goong manhwa questioned her acting ability, and sent out petitions against Yoon as the lead role, requesting her to be replaced. Boy Band Korea Super Junior yang juga merangkap sebagai artis dan model ini.