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Are stormtroopers clones yahoo dating

The Galactic Concordance forbade the recruitment and mobilization of stormtrooper forces and forced the Empire to abandon its network of Imperial Academies. At least, this is my interpretation.

The explanation given is that the production of clones has been phased out, and since the clones age at twice the rate of normal humans they are too old to serve as stormtroopers. Just do better answers, man. Knut Gjerden It's better if you can cite sources for your claims.

You got the right attitude for sure. Hence, they were replaced by non-clone volunteers. Indeed, Stormtroopers offer the best of all worlds when it comes to eligible bad boy bachelors. They have been replaced with non-clone volunteers who are patriotic and loyal to the Empire. It is well understood that the bad boys get all the girls.

New Republic forces also took many stormtroopers prisoner with many prisoners being sent to the New Republic capital of Chandrila. The best potential boyfriends of them all are Stormtroopers.

Contrast that toInuniverse the canon novel

Here is the relevant quote from p. In the case of Stormtroopers, this mask is quite literal. On one occasion, the New Republic public relations official Olia Choko personally stopped New Republic soldiers from parading stormtrooper prisoners through the streets of Hanna City. Thus, stormtroopers just became regular people who were recruited and rigorously trained.

In-universe, the canon novel Tarkin confirms this fact since it includes an incident where a group of stormtroopers are seen by Moff Tarkin without their helmets. Contrast that to Jedi robes and you'll see one of the major advantages of opting for a Stormtrooper date over a Jedi plus one. If vulnerability can be seen as a sexy attribute, one can easily see that Stormtrooper suits offer the same benefits.

Everyone wants to be a geek or nerd. The first season of Star Wars Rebels has episodes that feature one of the facilities that train stormtrooper conscripts on the planet Lothal. Defying the Galactic Concordance, the First Order recruited and mobilized new stormtroopers.