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We welcome suggestions for further improvement of the directory. To achieve Excellence in all fronts of Operations. Inculcate a culture of value, ethics and integrity in the organization. The company has been earning profits continuously since and paying dividends since which is a reflection of company s commendable performance throughout.

It has already forayed into Hydro

This entity would need to interface directly with its borrowers, ensuring that they got funds on time, as well as maintain their own sustainability. We are thankful to all the organizations who have sent the information for inclusion in the directory of members. This experience allows for the Company to make tailor-made solutions for each individual client, keeping varied circumstances and limitations in mind.

Mission The mission of the Board is to keep our systems running efficiently at the minimum cost. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is offering a to percent subsidy of the cost of lanterns, home lights and small systems up to Wp. Core Strategies are totally aligned with business strategies. Neyveli Lignite Corporation, with employees has attained excellence in production, profitability, industrial relations welfare and Peripheral Development activities. The Department is also exploring the possibility of harnessing mini and small hydro electric power in the State.

Planning and development of new projects by exploring conventional as well as nonconventional resources to meet up the increasing demand. For procurement and installation of meters, transformers and capacitors etc. Meters, Transformers, Conductors, capacitors etc.

Facilitate open access in inter-state transmission Facilitate inter-state trading Promote development of power market Improve access to information for all stakeholders. Cheaper discarded batteries of electric vehicle can also be used economically to store the excess solar power generated in the daylight. Dedication of land for the installation of solar arrays must compete with other needs. It provides financial assistance to State Electricity Boards, State Government Departments and Rural Electric Cooperatives for rural electrification projects as are sponsored by them. In other diversification activities, company is venturing into Solar Power development in the state of Madhya Pradesh, as state is having abundant Solar Potential blessed with nearly days sun shine.

It has already forayed into Hydro and Solar power. In its pursuit to bring excellence in all spheres of its work culture. To augment generation capacity through timely execution of extension and green field projects. To improve the financial health of the Corporation by adoption of efficient industrial, commercial and human resource management practices. To implement Renovation and Modernisation of all existing units and enhance their performance.

Vision To be the best power utility in the country and one of the best in the world Mission To spearhead accelerated power development by planning and implementing new power projects. To achieve this objective, the Department formulates policies and programmes and monitors implementation thereof to achieve the objective of providing power to the state. Pioneer in power transmission business with highly experienced human resources to handle gigantic transmission network.

Photovoltaics are projected to continue their cost reductions, becoming able to compete with fossil fuels. Jawaharlal Nehru s vision was bestowed with the onus to make the country self reliant in manufacturing of heavy electrical equipment. We are grateful to all the members for sending us the required information enabling us to compile this directory of members. To strengthen activities of eco-conservation in the valley area in order to make Greener Damodar valley. These factors enhance the performance and reliability fire safety of thin-film panels.

To boost up own generation, thrust has been given on the implementation of new projects in the State. Due to regulated releases from the Tehri storage reservoir, the existing downstream hydro projects of the State are also benefiting by way of augmentation in generation at no additional cost to them. Mission To be recognized and respected as one of the best transmission utilities and to set the benchmarks in every parameter of operation for others to follow. The Corporation has grown into a multi-project Organization, with Projects spread over various States as well as neighboring country, Bhutan. Sustainable development is the key to core values imbibed in company functioning.

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