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The instructions given below are for the older version of McAfee. Given along with them are the descriptions of these icons. You can free disk space by clearing this list. Not all startup programs are essential for the proper functioning of your computer.

Sometimes, these temporary internet files and cookies can cause the issue you are experiencing. Once the update is complete, restart the computer.

If real-time protection is configured to start when Windows starts, your computer is automatically protected when you restart the computer. For example, you can only scan program files and documents, or disable real-time scanning when Windows starts not recommended. There is also some descriptions about each of the system icons. It then scans for software updates to repair any vulnerable Windows files and programs, and provides a detailed scan report that shows the number of updates found, and a description of each update.

Use the Vulnerability Scanner With Vulnerability Scanner, you no longer have to wait to be notified when a Windows or program update is available. On the Vulnerability Scanner window you have the option to customize the scan or schedule a scan. It also provides backup for important files.

Sometimes these temporary

To install McAfee, you must first uninstall your existing security software. These programs gather and transmit data from your computer without your permission. Read below about all of the different features McAfee Security Suite has to offer. If buffer overflow activity is detected, it is blocked and you are alerted. Features Learn more about how to use McAfee features.

However, ensure that blocking these programs does not interrupt your network connection or hinder another program from accessing the internet. You need to have updated security software to protect your computer against the latest threats.

Disable or Enable Virus Protection If you disable virus protection, your computer will not be monitored for virus activity. You can block specific programs from accessing the internet by using firewalls.

Ensure all McAfee application windows are closed. You can also view the details associated with any of the components displayed on the network map. For detailed instructions on how to install the McAfee software, refer to our help article Installing and Uninstalling McAfee. After trying the first solution, check whether you can browse the Internet.

Once the update is complete restart