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Ignacia and Tomas have been together a long time and finally decide to get married, although Ignacia could never imagine the kind of man Tomas really is. He's obsessive, extremely tidy, meticulous, somewhat difficult and conservative. This was precisely what captivated Mariano when he met her, almost thirty years ago.

He has always liked Mireya, Pedro's eternal girlfriend, but the loyalty to his friend has prevented him from getting close to her. Tweet your thoughts about the show using the hashtag OnlyMeAndYou. She appears to be calm and acts as if she has overcome her condition, but she is deeply bitter and resentful after being confined to a wheelchair. She has a very poor relationship with her mother, whom she doesn't consider a friend and is always quarreling with her.

Es el canal familiar de Televisa, promueve valores, tradiciones y respeto. She falls hopelessly in love with him and, to her surprise, gets pregnant. Todas las telenovelas y List of Televisa telenovelas Jump to navigation Jump to search. All this begins to change when she meets Ruben, and her world turns upside down.

He is a civil engineer and works at the Omega Construction Company. When he hears that his daughter is getting married, he decides to regain that past and close this chapter of his life. She is a woman of humble origins, hard-working and who has always been very lucky.

She's generous with her mother, helps out at home, and is responsible in her studies and a model student. His entire life will take a dramatic turn when he faces a personal situation. She comes from a very good social status. She's capable of hatred and not forgiving, even the people she loves. She was left alone at an early age and had to learn to get ahead on her own, something she's always repeating as if she wanted to blame all those around her for it.

He's fun, talkative, falls in love very easily, and is good at partying, telling jokes, drinking beer and wrestling. His mess has cost millions that Tomas has financed, as a gesture of solidarity.

Mario Maurer and Ingrid dela Paz. Consulta Posts about Canal de las Estrellas written by Renan. Even though their worlds collide, the two later fall in love. Check all videos related to Canal De Las Estrellas.

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Their attraction is immediate and mutual. Violetta - Alcancemos las estrellas magyar Me gusta.

She will even start a relationship with Jose Manuel in order to hide her feelings. Forced by his wife, a woman full of secrets and capable of extortion, he leaves his family against his will.

He has a girlfriend, Mireya, whom he loves, but not in the same way as when they first began dating. Estela is a cold, heartless woman, brilliant, decisive and unforgiving. Ang kauna-unahang kilig-serye sa bansa.

Forced by his wife a