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Tomorrow if she can't recognize and name the family, we're going to punish all of you. However, if I refused, Mary Ellen just might take me somewhere and empty a clip in my body.

She stood, hiked her knit skirt up, revealing she was wearing stay up hose and no panty. Mary Ellen jerked the leash a few times to speed me up. It looked like something you get on a Christmas card, husband, wife, daughter, and son.

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Mom and Dad had died in a car wreck three years ago. My two best friends in college, Regine and Chloe were bridesmaids.

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He married her because he thought she was such a hot piece of ass. Mary Ellen adamantly refused to let me wear panties even though I begged her. You could picture her hosting teas at the officer's clubs for the other wives.

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He certainly had a big cock and I wish I had been conscious enough to enjoy it. Of course, some couples convert their basements to play space. He was training for the next Olympics.