Al watan voice show dating arabic

Al watan voice show dating arabic

Now he has disappeared, and if we are to believe the Turkish authorities, has been permanently silenced. He was fired from his role at the newspaper, not once but twice, both times for upsetting the regime and causing controversy. The world can no longer afford to stay silent. The consulate insists the writer left its premises alive, contradicting Turkish officials.

During that time

Despite all threats, he continued to write, question and criticise. He served as an editor for nine years on the Islamist-leaning al-Madina newspaper and was frequently quoted in the Western media as an expert on Islamic radicals and a reformist voice. But the new Al-Arab station, based in Bahrain, was shut down hours after it launched, for hosting a Bahraini opposition figure. In his eyes, I saw a sense of despair about the future of his homeland.

He went on to work

Khoshaggi then served as media adviser to Al-Faisal, the former spy chief, who was at the time the ambassador to the United States. Last year, he chose to leave the kingdom to preserve his intellectual integrity and freedom of expression.

He went on to work for several Arab newspapers and made his mark as a foreign correspondent covering Afghanistan, Algeria, Sudan and the Middle East in the s. During that time, he met and befriended Osama bin Laden, who was fighting in Afghanistan against the Russians.