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All the three crewmembers were killed. They claimed to have fired the missile that impacted the plane. The plane was hijacked by three Ethiopians seeking political asylum in Australia, and asking the crew to fly to Australia.

The left engine then struck a coral reef, slowing that side of the aircraft quickly, causing the Boeing to violently spin left and break apart. Click hereafter to know the investigation conclusions and the black boxes transcriptions.

Aviation Video - Commercial planes crash videos - Crash

Its wheels are barely off the ground when it crashes in a cloud of smoke and flames. During landing, the plane touched down short of runway impacting the edge separating the runway from the San Francisco Bay, and crashed. Plane crashes near Islamabad airport, youtube hd movies feared killed.

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Upon landing at Minneapolis St. The descent starts smoothly but as the plane touches down on the runway it is swept up by a gust and is pulled to one side and then the other. The plane exploded, killing both crewmembers onboard. Click here to see the photos shot after the accident. The crew brought the aircraft onto the runway as slow as possible, and managed to land.

The plane aborted the approach before landing safely on the second attempt. The pilot tried to ditch the aircraft in shallow waters metres off the coast. Too long takeoff for an Aerosucre Boeing in Colombia. The same aircraft is then landing again on this small road. The last passenger had just jumped onto the tarmac when the plane exploded.

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Click hereafter for more details about this accident. For whatever reason, this flight crew decided to press.

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The first part of this video is shot by a passenger inside the plane. This video shows what happen when the flare maneuver is missed. This video shot by a passenger of a nearby airplane shows the Boeing on fire just after the crash. But the pilot skilfully manages to keep control. Within a minute after lift off, the right-hand engine flames out, but the crew shut down the left-hand engine.

But the airstrip is not long enough. Click here for more information about this Aerosucre Colombia Boeing accident in Colombia.

The plane attempted to take off on a partially close runway. Taterchips Atlas Obscura User. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

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It shows the plane overrunning the runway at high speed and then went over an embankment. Actions on the sidestick are also necessary to avoid a dangerous roll. The scene was shot by a passenger onboard the plane.

Footage of underwater search for crashed Air France plane released

In addition, this day, a strong cross-wind was prevailing. The aircraft ran off the left side of the runway and came to rest meters left of the centerline. Check mark icon A check mark. Link icon An image of a chain link.

The plane landed hard and the left main gear collapsed. There was an immediate fire near the rear of the aircraft. The crew had to go-around to regain control. The airplane then became stuck in snow. The crew declares an emergency.

The plane hit a flock of geese minutes after take-off from New York and subsequently lost power on both engine. The flare precedes the touchdown phase of landing. It indicates the ability to send an email.

Warning video contains harsh language

To simulate a high altitude bomb explosion, explosives have been loaded in this Boeing B grams of Semtex. All of the people on board had managed to escape alive.

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It had left all control surfaces on the airplane immovable. During the emergency landing, the right wing dropped and the nose pitched forward. The plane swerved to the right and turned before coming to rest in the grass next to the runway. Like Atlas Obscura and get our latest and greatest stories in your Facebook feed.

Aviation Video - Commercial planes crash videos - Crash